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Engineering and Tech Support

As a supplier to large original equipment manufacturers, we have to maintain the highest quality standards. Our ISO 9001:2008 Certification is but one example of the effort Marion Manufacturing puts into ensuring our customers that we are serious about delivering quality products. Leading companies in the agricultural, construction, and industrial equipment markets rely on their supplier's stringent ISO 9001:2008 requirements to provide them with "assembly line ready" parts and components. The exacting set of ISO 9001:2008 standards offers us a structure for excellence and continuous improvement which helps make Marion Manufacturing a better company.


CAD/CAM Systems

  • MasterCAM Workstations
  • AutoCad Workstations
  • Solidworks


What's In It for You?

We contend that robust processes bring consistency and a reliable method for improvement. It is the defined process that allows us to benchmark, track, and determine what creates success. From this point, we can continually improve. There are a variety of processes we consistently utilize to gain competitive advantages for our customers.


Advanced Product Quality Planning - APQP

Advanced Product Quality Planning is a structured process for defining key characteristics important for customer satisfaction. It includes the methods and controls (i.e. measurements and tests) that will be used in the production of a specific product or family of products. Quality planning focuses on defect prevention and continuous improvement as opposed to defect detection.


Failure Mode and Effects Analysis - FMEA

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis is an easy and powerful proactive engineering quality method that helps to identify and counter weak points early in the conception phase of products and processes. This structured approach makes it a valuable tool when used cooperatively with customers. The benefits gained will more than compensate for the investments in time and resources to execute the analysis. With each successive generation of the component, longer life, lower costs, and greater reliability are achieved.


Production Part Approval Process - PPAP

Production Part Approval Process is a structured review and analysis completed in a collaborative team environment, typically with representatives from manufacturing, engineering, quality management and project management. The steps are typically as follows:

  • 1st Internal Print (Blue Print) Process Review
  • External (customer) Print Process Review
  • Production FMEA
  • Process Flow Chart
  • Control Plan
  • Layout
  • Capability Study
  • Gauge R & R, 3 people measure 2 parts, 10 times
  • 2nd Internal Print Process Review
  • Produce Shop Packet
  • Customer Approval

Once the shop packet is produced and customer approval has been obtained, the project is ready to go into production. As you can see, there are redundant quality checkpoints before the component ever goes onto the shop floor. Even on tight turnarounds, we complete the required processes and meet the deadline.

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