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Multi-Axis Precision CNC Milling

We have spent years developing our process of multi-axis machining. Utilizing Haas and Mazak machine tools, we have the capability to machine in 3, 4 and 5 Axis. Utilizing multi-axis machining allows Marion to reduce costs, all the while adding to the value of the work piece by obtaining better surface finishes, as well as machining complex designs that would otherwise have to be molded or cast to shape.


Through multi-axis machining, Marion has the capability to machine parts to the finished shape for prototype and testing, as well as production. In addition, we have the capability to machine complex dies, fixtures and molds. The types of materials we are capable of multi-axis machining include, Titanium, Single Crystal, TMZ, Haynes 188, L605, Tool Steels, 17-4 Stainless, a variety of other stainless and carbon steels, as well as aluminum and Durabar.


Our CNC Programmers utilize MasterCam CAD/CAM System to program precision components to machine holes and complex milling to very tight tolerances down to +/- .000X.


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Marion Manufacturing

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