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Production Machining

Holding 0.001" tolerance over a 10" length or 0.0002" tolerance on size and 0.002" true position location of holes in aluminum gear cases and covers are typical routine precision jobs. Our horizontal and vertical CNC lathes provide accuracy, repeatability and reliability. State-of-the-art EdgeCAM, AutoCAD, and Pro/ENGINEER software is used in conjunction with JobBoss' fully-integrated scheduling software system to track your project throughout the entire production process. With these tools our team generates the fastest, most accurate, cost-effective machining strategies.


We don't just adopt new technology for the sake of having the "newest" or "fastest". We bring on new technologies that we are convinced will increase speed, improve quality or reduce cost. For example, the key benefit of high speed machining technology isn't speed; it's the flexibility that speed makes possible. Batch jobs can be run with little advance notice, streamlining inventories. And at high volumes, CNC machining centers compete effectively for parts that would once have required a more dedicated manufacturing process.

Marion Manufacturing

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